What is the best sequence for our exercises?

I have seen so many people to jump straight into intensive training without any pre-planning. Well, many years ago I myself repeatedly did the same mistake. I wish there was someone to advise me, to correct my errors. However, as years go by we learn from our mistakes.

The wisdom I am going to share with you now is a simple one, and well known by anyone who is advanced in body building. But I know that there are still many of those who will find it valuable.

Here is the Golden Rule for the correct order of exercises: Start with larger muscles and finish with smaller ones!

This rule is applied separately for your Upper body, and separately for your Lower body.  There is Middle body as well, with muscles such as abdominals and lower back muscles, just it is less important to apply correct order for these.

So, here is how you would normally organize your exercises, starting with your Upper body, then exercising your Lower body, and finally – your Middle body muscles:

UPPER BODY: 1. Chest  2. Back  3. Shoulders  4. Triceps  5. Biceps  6. Wrists

LOWER BODY 7. Butt  8. Thighs  9. Calves  10. Shins

MIDDLE BODY  11. Abdominals  12. Lower back muscle

Latter I will explain the reason why such an order is important!

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